[Guide] Google Home, Mini & Max: What You Need To Know

Now that October 4th has come and Google’s big reveal is gone it leaves some questions that people want answered. The following is to inform readers of which Google Home device is right for them.

OG Google Home

Google Home

First off we have the OG Google Home. Released about a year ago it was Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo and had its pros and cons at launch but soon after played catch up and took the lead in some functions such as calling with nothing but the Google Home itself, no accessories needed.

Priced at $129 it’s the middle child and often goes on sale for as low as $99. It has swappable bases if you want it to blend in with your home decor. The speakers are pretty good for a device it’s size but nowhere near the Max’s and I would assume better till the mini till I hear first hand. Lastly it’s getting 3rd party support if you need a portable Home speaker.

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini

The little brother of the Google Home is the Google Home Mini or Mini for short. It’s size comes in at a small 3.86 in diameter  • 1.65 in Height, so about the height of half of the Google Home’s base and a bit wider. The speaker is a 40mm driver with 360 degrees sound. It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth just like the original Home has a micro-usb port instead of type C but you’ll be plugging it and forgetting it so really it’s a cost saving measure to allow for the low price of $49 and comes in 3 colors: Chalk, Charcoal and Coral. So fewer colors than the home but if you want that full on mesh look and something small then this is for you or if you want it in every room it’s a cheap solution. Lastly with a new Pixel purchase a mini is included for free!

Google Home Max

Now onto the mac daddy of the Home family. You want all the bells and whistles? Check. Need options on your speakers? Check.  Want music perfect for every room? Check.

So as you can tell from both the video and my short checklist there this thing is everything and the kitchen sink and is meant to compete with Sonos and Bose and Apple’s Homepod. Two 4.5 in (114 mm) high-excursion (+/- 11 mm) dual voice-coil woofers,Two 0.7 in (18 mm) custom tweeters, Sealed rigid housing, Acoustically transparent fabric all make one impressive speaker according to world-renowned DJ, Diplo.

No Micro-usb here, AC power, a quad-core processor, 3.5mm Jack, Bluetooth, Wireless Stereo Pairing with another “Max”, Multi-room Audio and a USB C port for reasons because why not?

Now most people will scoff at the $399 price tag but with all the tech bundled with the power of the assistant I would assume people would choose it over its competition, unless they’re already vested deep into the Sonos or Apple Ecosystem and can’t get out.


If you’ve got made cash or just love your music get a Google Home Max, if you want customization go for the OG Google Home. Need one in every room and you live in a home? The Mini is made for you or if you’re on a budget. If you’re feeling so inclined get one of each for all sorts of use cases.

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