SHIELD Experience 6.1 Update Out For SHIELD TV

Earlier today NVIDIA did a silent SHIELD Experience release for a minor version bump if you follow Semvar versioning. From 6.0 to 6.1 some changes and bug fixes are introduced and before you ask no it doesn’t include Oreo. Scroll to the bottom for a TLDR. The size of the update is a small 90 MB.


First and foremost NVIDIA has issued a KRACK fix for SHIELD TV and if you don’t know what that is read up on it here.

US Only

Some US only updates are YouTube TV and Google Assistant updates like ordering a Uber or a Pizza from Dominos. Also If you’re on your SHIELD and realize you need something you can order via Google Assistant from Wal-Mart, Target, Cosco and more.

UK Only

Now in the UK there’s one part of the release notes that states ITV comes to SHIELD TV.

The Rest

Now the following changes are for all SHIELD users. First off we have a New on/off shortcut for the SHIELD remote by tapping (Home + Back) and this will send a IR signal. Second is some fixes during the setup with the SHIELD TV for Harmony Hub users, which I happen to be one of them and in my opinion worth every cent. Next is updating Firmware over USB which honestly I’m shocked wasn’t a thing a while ago. An update to 1.21 for the non headphone jack SHIELD remote and lastly the ability to scan both DVB-T and DVB-T2 channels on Hauppauge WinTV-soloHD.

Bug/Issue Fixes

-Fixed issue where SHIELD controller would stop sending IR commands to TV/receiver
-Fixed issue where SHIELD would sleep immediately after waking up
-Fixed case where UK English keyboard displays Russian
-Fixed case where VUDU app showed up in unsupported regions


In conclusion it’s a small update but brings a lot of fixes and a few nice additions but still leaves us wondering where and when the Oreo update will be coming. My bet is on December.

TLDR: The upgrade added a few features and improvements; including TV on/off over IR for SHIELD remote, and an improved experience setting up Logitech Harmony Hub over Bluetooth.

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