[Review] SmartThings Link for NVIDIA SHIELD TV

I was recently able to get my hands on the SmartThings link which is a plug-in play home automation hub for the Nvidia Shield TV. It’s the mini version of the original SmartThings Hub They had a pre-order sale so it only cost $15 instead of the normal $39.99.

So What Is This Thing?

The Samsung SmartThings Link is a small USB dongle, almost like a ChromeCast or a Roku or Fire TV Stick. It’s specifically for NVIDIA SHIELD TV owners as a way to turn the SHIELD into a smart home hub, an all in one smart hub.

What Can It Do?

It can do a lot, more than your assistant of choice whether it’s Alexa, Google, even Siri or Cortana. The reason it does is because it’s z-wave and zigbee compatible. You can visit the full list in this link here. It also can be combined with Alexa or Google to control all SmartThings related devices via voice.

Since the NVIDIA SHIELD TV has Google Assistant you don’t need an external voice assistant, but if you have a Google Home or Alexa in the house you’ll be okay so no worries.


Setup is pretty straightforward and easy. As you can see in the slideshow below there’s step by step instructions that should get you setup in about 60 seconds.


After setup you can connect all the devices to smartThings and have the link be the hub that sends commands, simple as that your SHIELD TV is now a smart hub. Not bad for under $50, I have a feeling it will be the chromecast of smart hubs, especially if they expand device support in the future.



Smart Hub in a stick

No external power source.



You lose a USB port on the SHIELD?

Nothing really.

If you’re ready to pick one up click this link to support the site and get a SmartThings Link to your door to make your SHIELD the true all in one device.

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