Prime Instant Video Comes To Android TV

If you’re a SHIELD TV owner then this news doesn’t apply too much to you. But if you’re an owner of any other Android TV like a Mibox or a Nexus Player then this is good news for you as Amazon Prime Instant Video is now generally available for Android TV devices.

Outside of these two devices we’re currently unsure which ones are supported for Android TV but if you own a device and it’s not one of these to please let us know and we’ll update this post.

As far as the interface goes it should be identical to the shield version so nothing different there and a lot of commonality between most Amazon Prime Instant Video interfaces on other platforms. No leanback styling but a clean, easy to navigate application none the less.

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  • Craig Smith

    The screenshots I’m seeing of the app? Appear to be more like the new Apple TV Prime app than the current Shield TV app. So I’d say this was a UI overhaul.

    • Kawshik Ahmed

      The SHIELD version and the Play Store version are different. First of all the 2 apps have different package name, secondly you can purchase content from the SHIELD version but not from the Play Store version.

      • Craig Smith

        I’m glad Amazon gave up on a complete Prime Video Purchase, Rental and Subscription service in one app requirement. It was a dumb policy back when they announced it 2 years ago, just so they could justify not selling competitor products (Chromecast/Apple TV) on their site or give Apple/Google a cut of the in-app purchase fee for content. There was absolutely no technical reason Amazon couldn’t have provided Prime Movies and allowed the viewing of previously purchased content in an app on these platforms. Now it took them losing YouTube and the roar of customer outcries entirely to see the light.

  • Caio The Brain

    Not available yet for my Mi Box here in Brazil and, according to other posts in the web, not also for anyone’s device in the world.

    We’ll have to wait.

  • Dennis Fleenor

    Where is this so called app? I don’t see it in the Android TV Play Store.