SHIELD TV Software Upgrade 6.3 – Brings Much Needed App and Assistant Updates

With this update the SHIELD TV continues to improve. Adding new apps, games, features and enhancements. Below is specifics:

Nest Cameras on the TV

View Your Nest Cameras on Your TV, just say Show me my front door camera” or “Show me the baby’s room” to see your Nest cameras live on SHIELD.

No more commericals on your Plex DVR

You heard that right you can now remove commericals from your DVR and free up some space in the process.

VLC Adds Picture-in-Picture and 360 Video Support

For those odd times you’ll need 360 degree video on your Android TV

Cartoon Network, SiriusXM, Tidal, VH1 and LEGO TV

All these apps now available on the SHIELD and a new game – Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

Google Assistant Parity

In the blog post here NVIDIA tells us all the new things the SHIELD can do, both unique to Android TV and some just catching up with the Google Home and Assistant on the phone. Some examples are listed below:

  • “Broadcast that it’s time to watch TV
  • Show me my front door camera on SHIELD
  • “Make my home warmer.”
  • Ask LG to stop the dryer”. (LG SmartThinQ appliances)

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  • Mike

    Now if only the Shield could offer the ability to buy a license to process sound in conjunction with Google’s Live TV app, along with the ability to use a NAS for the DVR storage.

    Every other app on the Shield seems to work with my Panasonic 3D TV and Samsung sound bar except Google’s Live TV. Google claims it is a licencing issue with NVIDIA. You need safety goggles for all the finger pointing. The SAME HD Home Run Extend tuner which has audio on KODI, VLC, the standalone HD app, does not have audio on the Shield if using Google’s Live TV. I’d buy the license if someone would offer it.

    • Rhinopotamus

      I have the HDHR Extend and Nvidia Shield, but no sound issues in the Live Channels app. I have the old Extend with a fan, and the 2015 Pro Shield; I’m not sure if either product lost functionality with their hardware revisions.

      • Mike

        Thank you for taking the time to reply.

        I believe the issue, and it is a known issue which neither NVIDA or Google wants to address, has to do with passing audio from the Shield—>Panasonic 3D TV—->Samsung Sound bar. I believe, unlike when running KODI or VLC or YouTube the Google Live TV simply passes the audio on to the TV without any processing.

        The App, running on the Shield even knows there is a problem as you get a dialog notification that there is an audio problem and to try another TV. Well I am not about to ditch a $2,000+ TV.

        At one time, this worked, but months ago, when Google updated Live TV and incorporated the ability to DVR an Over the Air show, that is when this loss of audio came into play.

        If it is, as some claim, to be a license issue, then fine, let us know and how much, then we can get this package working. Response from NVIDIA or their Forum has been non-existent as of course the ZERO customer service from Google.

        Thanks again.