Android TV Guides

As modern computers become more advanced, they end up being able to do many more things and therefore can be harder to use. Most users won’t navigate through every settings menu or try every possible feature when they first setup their device. As such, there’s plenty of small, useful things they may miss. We have curated some of the best tips and tricks on Android TV for you. Plus, we have compiled a number of guides on how to do certain things on your TV. Check out our YouTube channel for more tips and guides.

Tips & Tricks

We have a number of small tips to optimize your TV experience. Check out our YouTube playlist for more video guides.


We have a number of longer guides which explain how to setup your devices for a great TV experience.

Running Lists

We have a number of lists that we continue to update related to Android TV.

Video Tips

Voice Commands

Android TV has great universal search. What kind of stuff can you find?