A few days ago, the Amazon Instant Video for Android TV app was updated on Sony Android TVs. A kind soul, Francois Roy, was nice enough to upload the APK to APKMirror.com . Nothing groundbreaking here as this is now common practice with new APKs. However, it was quickly discovered that this APK could […]

Huge news from Plex today announced an upcoming partnership with the NVIDIA. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Plex, it is a powerful media organizer and server.  I have personally been using Plex for years. My setup has all of my media stored on a modest computer in the basement that acts as […]

  While there hasn’t been much in the way of details, Google has quietly announced that Android TV and Google Cast will be expanding in the near future. This is fantastic news for Android TV fans. I don’t think anyone at AndroidTV.news had any doubt, but when the Nexus Player got overlooked at last fall’s […]

Sometime around 2011-2012 my childhood enthusiasm and anticipation for Christmas morning had made its triumphant return… only it was no longer actually for Christmas. Google had captured that spirit with its annual Google I/O developer’s conference. Adult me would wait and watch in wonder at all the goodies announced. Sure, most major announcements would leak in […]

Introduction Live Channels is an exciting app that we have mentioned many times here at Android TV News. For those who have never heard of it before, it is a system app by Google that attempts to compile all of your live video sources into one traditional, channel-surfing interface. Smart TVs and content on demand […]

Introduction Voice Commands have been evolving into an exciting part of the “smart” feature set and this includes smart TV devices. It is no secret that Google’s ultimate goal is to create a Star Trek “Computer” like experience. Although we are not quite there yet, the Voice Commands on Android TV can actually be surprisingly […]

Android TV News is getting into the holiday spirit and decided to give a back to our fans with a nice little stocking stuffer. We have a Nvidia SHIELD TV Remote up for grabs. I know new SHIELD TV owners are getting one included, but there are a lot of users out there that only […]

Like Android TV, Sling TV is attempting to drag traditional entertainment kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Sling TV does its part by flipping the conventional cable model on its head. Instead of lumbering, expensive, closed experiences with long contracts, Sling affordably offers your favorite cable channels on the device of your choice and […]

Voice Commands are game changing for the latest generations of TV boxes and Android TV’s are obviously the best 🙂 . Apparently Google prefers some voice commands to be Easter Eggs because they really don’t advertize them very well. I stumbled upon this last one by accident… Check it out: The “What’s on TV?” command […]

SiliconDust has not developed or released a single Android TV device. But, their lineup of network connected tuners are so important to Android TV users (especially the cord-cutters among us) that I have decided to go in-depth with their HDHomeRun products. What is a Network Connected Tuner? A network connected tuner is a device that […]

Intro For more information on the origin and purpose of this series, please see Leanback Launcher Part 1. tl;dr- We love Android TV around here and want it to get even better! Leanback Launcher: Part 3 Welcome! If you are just joining us, Part 1 calls out the inability customize our app ribbon, while Part […]

Strategy Analytics has released a new report which tracks the sales of “Internet Connected Devices” for the 3rd Quarter of 2015. This includes a breakdown of Smart TVs, Blu-ray Players, Game Consoles, and Digital Media Streamers. Below is a dissection of the latter: As you can see, Google’s Chromecast is leading the charge for the 5th […]

Dear Amazon, Amazon Prime Video is having a big year! You launched 4K UHD streaming options, you’re beefing up your library and allowing for offline playback, and your original series Transparent made you the first streaming service to win a Golden Globe! The only problem is: despite being a Prime member since 2009, I didn’t […]

Intro For more information on the origin and purpose of this series, please see Leanback Launcher Part 1. tl;dr- We love Android TV around here and want it to get even better! Leanback Launcher: Part 2 Last time, I touched on the lack of customizability for the Android TV Launcher. This article concerns the general layout/behavior […]

Put another notch on Android TV’s belt. As the young platform matures, it continues to add big name media content providers. In October, HBO Now was released for Android TV, but only for select devices (new Sony and Sharp sets). As you can see, it appears the exclusivity period has ended and HBO Now is […]

Preface: Last fall, Google announced the first commercially available Android TV device in the form of the Asus Nexus Player. This was Google’s third attempt to invade the living room and I wondered if they would learn from the failures and successes of their first two attempts. Staying true to themselves, Google released a half-baked […]

Preface Google has attempted to invade the living room for a second time with Android TV. As much as my fellow cord cutters and I fight it, traditional broadcast TV in the living room is still king with the general population. It is my belief that integrating all of your media consumption sources in one […]