Myst, a game from legendary developer Cyan Worlds originally launched in 1993 for something called a Macintosh,┬ásince then the Mac hasn’t been such a gaming powerhouse, but none the less it hasn’t stopped indie devs porting their Steam games for all 3 platforms. Now the classic game is brought to the modern-day and called it […]

This War of Mine is a war game that takes a unique perspective on the genre. Instead of you playing a soldier, you play civilians that are trying to survive the siege on your city. You have to fight sickness and hunger while trying to protect your home from looters. In turn, you may have […]

Game Highlights Android TV is a great platform for games due to its ease of development and its ease of publishing, allowing new game developers to quickly expose their game to an audience of billions across different form factors. This new segment will highlight games with small Let’s Play segments that the team plays. Let […]