Myst, a game from legendary developer Cyan Worlds originally launched in 1993 for something called a Macintosh, since then the Mac hasn’t been such a gaming powerhouse, but none the less it hasn’t stopped indie devs porting their Steam games for all 3 platforms. Now the classic game is brought to the modern-day and called it […]

Whispering Willows is a fascinating and eerie game where you explore a haunted mansion, unraveling a series of clues as to the fate of its inhabitants. It was the first interview I conducted, published on the launch date of Android TV News. A year later, I took another look at the game in order to […]

With the past few weeks SHIELD owners have got nothing but action and adventure games and now I’m not complaining because they were some top notch games but this week GeForce members can expect some change in the form of “So Many Me” a indie puzzle platformer where you play as Filo, a gelatinous green blog with […]

Another week another game being released on the GeForce Now platform. Last week we had 2 unique and exciting titles that you can read about here, this week we only have 1 but it’s again stepping outside the box by not including guns or swords play but instead it gives you A surreal science-fiction game world with […]

Puddle, the liquid physics puzzle game, is now coming to Android TV. It has received praise for its simple control scheme and balanced puzzles. The purpose is to get to the end of a level by moving a liquid around a variety of paths. Temperature, gravity, and friction all are taken into account in getting […]