Since Facebook debuted live video on their social media platform, it has been adopted by a number of groups for a variety of reasons. It has been used to capture significant events without the classic need for journalists or television crews. From the Democrats sitting-in while C-SPAN cameras aren’t broadcasting, to activists protesting the Dakota […]

Last week we discussed the music visualization app projectM, which just released an app optimized for Android TV. Some comments noted their unenthusiasm about the default styles that are included in the app and asked how to use their own. This is a brief guide on how to download and use visualizations that you can […]

When you first load the game Epic Heroes, War, you are quickly pushed through a prologue to the story. It gives an outline of the world and your motivations for getting involved. It’s easy to brush aside this opening because the game itself doesn’t require any prior knowledge. The game is a side-scrolling fighter game […]

Users in the Android Beta Program may be seeing a message on their Nexus Players to update their software. Users will be instructed to update to Android 7.1.2. This is a small update, not even getting a bump up to the API version. It “is an incremental maintenance release focused on refinements”, so there isn’t anything […]

Users of Xiaomi’s Mi Box seem to have found a software update waiting. The patch, 500 MB in size, seems to omit any sort of helpful changelog. Some Redditors have found only a single change. Once updated, users will receive a dialog that invites them to a very brief free trial of Sling TV, a […]

Last week was when NVIDIA rolled out their much-awaited operating system update. The Shield Experience 5.0 is based on Android Nougat, 7.0. A lot of the new features were covered in our original first look last year, but NVIDIA has added a number of small tweaks as well. In our dedication to Android TV, we’re […]

A Quick PSA for Shield 2015 owners. According to the Shield Experience 5.0.2 upgrade thread, Manuel Guzman from Nvidia has informed everyone that if you get an Installation Error with a BugDroid Logo during the install, that you should do the following: a) Unplug your SHIELD, wait 5 seconds, and plug power back. b) After […]

THIS IS A SIGN is a new app from the developer of PuppetMaster.TV and #SIDELOADTAG. As the name implies, it turns your TV into a digital sign, making it easy to do digital signage for free with a simple interface. There is a small in-app purchase to make it more suitable for permanent installations. We […]

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you may be familiar with the music visualizer tool projectM. It works with pretty much any music source you can think of to present a trippy visual experience in the foreground. Now there’s an Android TV version of the app which provides the same fascinating experience. The […]

This week we’re playing Voxel Fly VR, a free game in the Play Store developed by Cenda Games. In this game, you can choose from multiple types of flying vehicles made of paper and enter an obstacle course. Players must avoid other vehicles and blocks and go for the best score. There are two modes […]

NVIDIA has been testing the latest version of Android, Nougat, on the first-generation Shield. After a few weeks, they are now rolling out the update to all users. This is the same version of the operating system that has come by default with the second-generation Shield TV. With this update, both devices should be at […]