In the coming month DISH will be updating it’s EVOLVE devices in hotels for Netflix Support so guest can enjoy the latest Netflix original or late night office binge after a long day. Users will be able to use their own Netflix accounts as oppose to a generic shared one. This is an industry first […]

Today, pre-orders begin for a 16GB SHIELD TV bundled with a remote and priced at $179. This is good news for those on the edge about getting one. So What Do I Get? For $179 you get the SHIELD TV + remote but no controller if you want the SHIELD for pure Media consumption or […]

HDMI, the High-Definition Media Interface, is a standard around media playback. The specification received an update to version 2.1, now supporting 8K video at 60 Hz and 4K at 120 Hz. The news was announced at CES. The current trend in television sets is ultra-high definition, also known as 4K. A standard 4K display has […]

Google is promoting their new Chromecast Ultra, a Chromecast that supports ultra high-definition and HDR videos when connected to a support display. As part of their marketing, Google wants to provide content for users to watch. When you activate your device using the Google Home app, you’ll soon receive an offer to get a free […]

YouTube has slowly been adding features to its live video streaming. Live video has become a big deal, with platforms also built by Twitter and Facebook. Instagram, a subsidiary of Facebook, is also adding a live video feature. YouTube now is supporting 4K video live streaming, something that will be useful for gamers who stream […]

Google always publishes Google Cast release notes for devs every time there’s a new release. Last month there was 3 updates which is unheard of but a lot went on last month. So this month has been quiet until now. Today Google has finally updated Cast to support 4K for all devs and not just […]

I’ve had an interview with username ParticleManPrime from Reddit and the /r/Android Discord server who owns one of those new LeEco Android TV’s. I’ve conducted the interview from Discord. So far, he’s revealed a few things. The built-in apps from LeEco are “Live” “Le” “Le Zone” and “My Le Eco”. Apparently Live and Le show curated […]

Google’s new Chromecast, the Chromecast Ultra, will provide users with a way to cast ultra-high definition content to their TV and have it rendered in full resolution. That’s fantastic news, although there is the question of content. What apps will we have to stream media from? With new phones that can capture 4K video, we […]

The Chromecast has done very well since it was introduced in the summer of 2013, shipping over 30 million units. This has been a mix of their video Chromecasts and the new Chromecast Audio devices. Now Chromecast is getting more powerful with the Chromecast Ultra. It supports the ability to cast video natively in 4K […]

Ericsson and Google are partnering to bring the cloud-based MediaFirst TV Platform to the Android TV ecosystem. The integration of Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform with Android TV will provide an additional pathway to extend MediaFirst cloud-based TV services, including 4K-UHD live TV channels, video-on-demand, catch-up TV and cloud DVR to an even wider subscriber base. The […]

4K, also known as ultra-high definition, is growing more popular as a resolution when streaming videos and movie from the Internet, although it has not yet achieved much fame in the US cable industry. It’s likely that we’ll start seeing TV channels broadcast in 4K in the years to come. However, there’s also companies looking […]

Bang & Olufsen, a company best known for their high-quality speakers, has also tinkered with other areas of technology. They previously made a watchface for Android Wear, and now they’re announcing a new product that also incorporates Android. The BeoVision 14 is their new UHD TV which runs Android TV. It looks really nice, and […]

A Reddit user by the username of /u/koshergoy posted a picture of what appears to be a retail package for the Mi Box, he stated the source is a Media Kit prepared by Xiaomi’s Beijing based advertising agency so that means it could be seeing the light of day soon and we may have a new box at […]

Sony has been a good partner for Android TV. They’ve been embedding the platform into every new TV they announce, at both the low and high end. With Sony’s latest device announcement, it’s clear that these TVs are going to be pretty high end. They have just launched the Z series 4K TVs, the “ultimate […]

HD? 720p? That’s out of style. Now the industry has moved on to more innovative things. The current big focus is around 4K video. Much like HD video a decade ago, there is a dearth of content and few networks who are willing to pay the expenses for an all 4K video channel. To some, […]

The day has finally arrived, NVIDIA’s featured packed 3.2 Experience update has arrived after a long drawn out month long tease. The download comes in at 912.29MB which is small for all that it’s bringing to the table. The update should be rolling out to all SHIELD TVs if it hasn’t reached you already. Netflix HDR […]

After being teased for the past month, this latest update to NVIDIA’s Shield TV is available today. Users have been seeing the dialog appear, notifying them to download and install this update. What is changing? You can take a look at NVIDIA’s press release: With today’s software update, NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV strengthens its position […]

Sony Electronics released the pricing and availability today of three new 4K Ultra HD television series: the XBR-X800D, the XBR-X750D, and the XBR-X700D. All have Android TV built into them and so far Sony has been good about updating them. Now according to Sony only the XBR-X800D series features High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility to […]

Vizio may have done it first back in March but now it’s got competition from Philips. Philips just announced four new sets as part of the 6000 series Google Cast Ultra HDTV. The prices of the new TVs are in competition with the recently released RCA Android TV showings. The 6000 series TVs are available in four sizes: 43 […]

  While there hasn’t been much in the way of details, Google has quietly announced that Android TV and Google Cast will be expanding in the near future. This is fantastic news for Android TV fans. I don’t think anyone at had any doubt, but when the Nexus Player got overlooked at last fall’s […]