As we talked about earlier in the week, Black Friday will be soon upon us. From the time of this post, it’s less than 72 hours away. NVIDIA decided before you spend all your money elsewhere they might want to show you what they’ve got up their sleeve, and they’ve got something for every SHIELD […]

SALES, SALES, SALES!  It’s that time of the month again guys. NVIDIA is feeling a bit generous and is running some phenomenal deals for those with SHIELD devices till the 19th of April. With up to 66% off you can pick up multiple titles that may have been a bit too much but with a […]

  The game that even your grandmother knows about, Minecraft! Telltale Games was given the opportunity to make a story out of the sandbox game and did so and now you can get the first episode for only 49¢ instead of $4.99 like the other episodes (5 total) so you can test the water before […]

Sharp’s LC-70UE30U Android TV is a beautiful 4K display that includes several added technologies to improve the quality of all the content you watch such as an upscaler to make all your content appear as though it was in 4K. It is an expensive set though, with it being listed on Amazon for about $1800. […]

The Nexus Player is Google’s first public Android TV device (discounting the developer-only ADT-1). Released in fall 2014 for $99, it has since been on sale several times and even went out of stock on the Google Store for a while. At one point it was a clearance item at brick and mortar stores like […]

PACKT Publishing is an ebook publisher which has a number of books for people to learn programming. They recently held a poll to their users: which mobile OS do they use? iOS or Android. After tallying the results on their website, Twitter, and eBook consumers, the winner was clearly Android. To celebrate, PACKT is holding […]

After Razer purchased OUYA and announced their own gaming-focused Android TV, the Razer Forge TV, it was obvious that the two companies would work closely together to create the best experience possible for users. Although they teased their end product, Cortex, for a while without providing much information, we have finally gotten a good look […]

Google seems to be offering a variety of games on sale on Google Play, from small discounts to large. Below is a compiled list of games that support Android TV. This War of Mine This War of Mine is a survival game that takes place in a warzone, where you try to stay alive along […]

1Sale is having a $50/50% off sale on the Nexus Player, if you haven’t bought an Android TV device or want to pickup another here’s your chance, while not the best device on the market, that title belongs to the Nvidia Shield TV it still makes for a solid Set Top Box that makes a […]

Nvidia has been working hard to make their Android TV box, the Nvidia Shield TV, the most powerful and capable device on the platform. Although it is at a higher cost compared to others, it supports more games and Nvidia has added a variety of its own features. Nvidia has been working hard with game […]

If you’re an avid gamer on Android TV, you’re probably using a gamepad. If you’re looking for an extra controller for multiplayer games, or just want a spare, you should check out this deal. Android Police has posted a deal running on both Amazon and Best Buy where you can save $10 on a Nexus […]

Looking for a cheap way to get an Android TV unit? Then you should check out this Groupon, which shows the Nexus Player on sale for $50. It seems like the deal will be active for about 12 more days, but based on the number of sales (over 1000 so far), they might run out of […]