There’s a lot of games being launched on Android TV, and we may not have time to cover them individually. These weekly posts give brief summaries of many new games that are being published. If you know of a new game, or find one we missed, let us know in the comments below. General Games […]

This post was written by guest writer David Jurger. Back in the fall we previewed some Google announcements, including one about the Pixel smartphone and its accompanying VR headset. The phone was a bold step, as Google looked to leap right into the fray with Samsung and Apple with virtually nothing to build on in the […]

My Planet is an interesting indie game available on Google Play with Android TV support. You start out with 100 people on a planet and you try to grow your population, controlling the amount of sun and rain to keep the population healthy and alive. Eventually, you’re able to start sending people to the moon […]

OUYA fans you guys had some cool indie games, thankfully we’re seeing devs keep those games alive by coming to other platforms. Gurgamoth is officially in the Play Store for the low price of $4.99 and according to the Play Store it’s for every Android TV so far. A little background on Gurgamoth, it’s a fast-paced […]

Everyone likes a bit of violence now and then right? Looking to relieve the early days of GTA before GTAV, me too. Now I can because multiple titles from Rockstar are on sale now in the Google Play Store and can save my wallet a pretty penny so I can play all the classics. All GTA […]

February was a busy month for the big green monster we call NVIDIA. They added some significant games to the Android TV & Geforce Now platforms. Below are some of the best to come out this month and considered must plays by NVIDIA themselves. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (29.99) A spin-off of the popular Metal […]

NVIDIA has been aggressively marketing their Android TV console, the NVIDIA Shield TV, with a variety of deals. They’re currently hosting a winter sale that is offering a handful of high quality games for 50% off the initial purchase price. Some of the games seem only to work on the Shield TV, while others are […]

There may be some developers who want to get started with Android TV, but don’t know where to begin. There is a new book available on Apress, Android TV Apps Development: Building for Media and Games. It was written by Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz, a developer at Sphero. In it, he explains some of the new APIs that […]

Introduction Another Casual Racer has made its way to the Play Store with support for Android TV. Rocket Racer from CatfishBlues Games is a pretty straight forward game. You load it up, sign in with your Google account, then click choose a character and track and start racing. Each Level has up to 3 stars […]

Google seems to be offering a variety of games on sale on Google Play, from small discounts to large. Below is a compiled list of games that support Android TV. This War of Mine This War of Mine is a survival game that takes place in a warzone, where you try to stay alive along […]

A bohemian styled endless runner has graced its presence in the Android TV Play Store. It’s called Geometry Race and it’s quite fun. With features like Cloud save and Achievements it’s a game that take advantage of the tools Google Play Games offers and allows you to pick up and resume where you left off […]

Android TV as a platform is all about content consumption. The biggest apps are around music and video, and there’s also an equal focus around games. As a gaming platform, Android already has thousands of games, although not all of them have support for Android TV. That’s unfortunate, because playing games on a TV with […]

A few weeks ago, Google Play developer Kirill Grouchnikov teased a new UI for the Google Play Store on phones that included a banner image and a cleaner design. While this UI only seemed to be available to phones and tablets, the newest version of the Google Play Store includes a redesign for the TV […]

Minecraft, a sophisticated multiplayer sandbox and survival game, has been expanding to many different platforms. It’s become a cultural phenomenon, with plenty of people live streaming what they do, and children wearing branded shirts. Minecraft has continued to grow and it’s taking a big leap into the realm of linear gameplay. Minecraft: Story Mode, a […]

A few months ago, the ambitious Android gaming console Ouya was sold to Razer after becoming ultimately unsuccessful at establishing a home for free-to-play games. At the time Razer said they’d be bringing Ouya’s storefront to their Razer Forge TV under the new name “Cortex for Android TV”, though there wasn’t a set date. After a few months, […]