Google is promoting their new Chromecast Ultra, a Chromecast that supports ultra high-definition and HDR videos when connected to a support display. As part of their marketing, Google wants to provide content for users to watch. When you activate your device using the Google Home app, you’ll soon receive an offer to get a free […]

Google’s new Chromecast, the Chromecast Ultra, will provide users with a way to cast ultra-high definition content to their TV and have it rendered in full resolution. That’s fantastic news, although there is the question of content. What apps will we have to stream media from? With new phones that can capture 4K video, we […]

The Chromecast has done very well since it was introduced in the summer of 2013, shipping over 30 million units. This has been a mix of their video Chromecasts and the new Chromecast Audio devices. Now Chromecast is getting more powerful with the Chromecast Ultra. It supports the ability to cast video natively in 4K […]

Vizio’s smart TV strategy has been focused around simplicity: just integrating Google Cast. Rather than building their own operating system to find content, anyone can just use their phone and the media apps they already have installed. Part of this is the SmartCast app, which acts as a single point of curation for media to […]