4K, also known as ultra-high definition, is growing more popular as a resolution when streaming videos and movie from the Internet, although it has not yet achieved much fame in the US cable industry. It’s likely that we’ll start seeing TV channels broadcast in 4K in the years to come. However, there’s also companies looking […]

The Olympics are starting today; a massive sports event with over 200 individual countries in attendance. These games will be watched by the whole world, and that may include people like you. If you have an Android TV but don’t know where to start, definitely take a look at this guide. I have looked at […]

The Olympics are starting August 5th, a global competition with players from 207 nations. It’s going to be a massive event that will draw in a lot of people, and many people will want to watch these events on their TV. In the US, NBC has an exclusive contract to broadcast the Olympics. For those […]

When you think of sports, you will probably think of some highly physical game such as soccer or football (which to some is soccer). You may watch these games through ESPN or another TV channel that’s dedicated to sports. There are plenty of places to catch the game: sports bar, in the stadium, at a […]