Google’s in-house browser Google Chrome can be installed to your Android TV from the Play Store. Did you know that? It doesn’t work particularly well since the browser is designed primarily for touchscreens and not a DPAD. With a USB mouse (or NVIDIA’s game controller) it can be navigated pretty well. But what if you […]

Introduction Voice Commands have been evolving into an exciting part of the “smart” feature set and this includes smart TV devices. It is no secret that Google’s ultimate goal is to create a Star Trek “Computer” like experience. Although we are not quite there yet, the Voice Commands on Android TV can actually be surprisingly […]

Voice Commands are game changing for the latest generations of TV boxes and Android TV’s are obviously the best 🙂 . Apparently Google prefers some voice commands to be Easter Eggs because they really don’t advertize them very well. I stumbled upon this last one by accident… Check it out: The “What’s on TV?” command […]