There are many small, cheap computers that one can purchase which come with some flavor of Linux. The Raspberry Pi has Raspian, the Intel Edison has Yocto, the C.H.I.P has its own Linux variant, and there are even more devices in that space. A new one, which was recently just funded on Kickstarter is the […]

Back in January I reported on how developer Geek Till it Hertz was able to port a version of Android TV to the Raspberry Pi, essentially making it the cheapest Android TV box (although it’s not official). It had a couple of issues related to performance and graphics processing, which is understandable. Yet the developer […]

This weekend I came across another interesting development community trying to get the latest version of Android TV on their device. This is not a group trying to upgrade the ADT-1, a device that already runs Android TV. Instead, they’re trying to get Android TV to run on a Raspberry Pi with good success so […]