Two channels owned by Viacom have recently gotten updates to their apps that enable users to watch shows from their couch. Viacom is a large media company in the US, owning several popular channels and a corporation with content being watched all around the world. Two of their US channels, Comedy Central and BET (Black […]

If you’re a PlayStation Vue subscriber, a few days ago you may have noticed that certain channels have been removed such as Comedy Central, Spike, and MTV. This seems to be because the cost of carrying those channels, all from Viacom, has risen. There has been a lot of progress in the cordcutting industry. When […]

After Nickelodeon TV launched last week, we have another Viacom company has joined Android TV, and it’s none other than MTV themselves. With a similar layout to Nickelodeon’s App expect much of the same navigation but instead of orange, you’re greeted with a more eye please black and gold, so it doesn’t destroy your eyes […]