As you know Vizio TV sets are in a unique transition right now, if you bought your TV set in the past year you might have gotten a free remote in the form of an Android tablet, pretty cool right? It’s definitely different from everyone else and it was all Google Cast based, no traditional […]

Today a common hold out among many streaming platforms and one that plagued Android TV for a long time has come in the form of a HTML5 app for Vizio TV owners on the Smartcast TV platform. Amazon Instant Video! SmartCast TV itself is rolling out now to all 2017 VIZIO SmartCast P-Series and M-Series Ultra […]

Vizio had come up with a clever and cheap smart TV setup. They integrated Chromecast into the hardware and included a tablet to act as a “remote”. Users were able to find all kinds of content and then beam it immediately to the TV. With Vizio’s latest TV lineup, they still have casting, but with […]

Today Vizio gave SmartCast and Google Home users some pretty good news. All SmartCast devices including TVs, displays, sound bars and speakers are now compatible with Google Home, this means Google Home users can use their voice to control their entertainment. Using simple voice commands, Google Home users can adjust volume up and down, play, stop and […]

Today Vizio has announced a new selection of home speakers with integrated Google Cast, the SmartCast Crave 360 and the SmartCast Crave Pro. These new speakers are designed as potential competition to Sonos (and others) but really just Sonos, offering multi-room functionality and a few more things.  The $249 SmartCast Crave 360 is a portable speaker boasting omni-directional […]

Vizio’s smart TV strategy has been focused around simplicity: just integrating Google Cast. Rather than building their own operating system to find content, anyone can just use their phone and the media apps they already have installed. Part of this is the SmartCast app, which acts as a single point of curation for media to […]

Vizio recently announced news that its top-of-the-line P-Series TVs would be adding support for Google Cast in lieu of a full smart TV platform and that users would also receive tablets that could be used as a remote. Now, it seems like Vizio is expanding that to the rest of its lineup. They’ve announced that […]

What does it mean to have a smart TV? A lot of companies have been trying to redefine the TV space in their own way with their own ideas. Some have abandoned the software side and joined Google’s Android TV ecosystem. Vizio is also leaning to Google to get software support, but they’re doing it […]

Google Cast is a really powerful tool that can quickly make any TV (or monitor or speaker) connected to devices nearby. Your phone, acting as a remote, can send content to these devices wirelessly. It’s an elegant solution and one that has become pretty popular in both their own Chromecast and third party devices. Although […]