Virtual Reality, VR, can often be an isolating experience. You put on your headset and are then translated to another world, unable to perceive the real world and people around you. While some VR apps have social built-in, it can often be difficult for families to play VR together. Google’s own VR platform, Daydream, has […]

There have been a bunch of news happening with YouTube in the past few weeks and we have combined all of this news together so you can get a quick overview of everything. Music in Germany Copyright laws differ between countries, and YouTube has tried to work with all of them to give users as […]

YouTube made some big announcements on their blog today, both of which are big features for content creators on YouTube who like experimenting with the latest video technology as well as hinting at a larger focus around virtual reality in the next version of Android. 360° Live Video Although YouTube has supported 360° video, where […]