New 3rd Party Picture app for Android “Slideshow for Picasa”


Is your background looking a bit bland? Yeah there’s all these pretty pictures but what about the ones that you took on that vacation last year or at that party last week or just want a custom album of approved pictures for the display(s) in your business?Want to have those cycle through on your Android TV I’ve got the app that’s going to give you your solution.

Slideshow For Picasa is what i like to call a setup and forget app. You set it up once and it works and the only time you’ll use it again is to adjust settings or turn it off. When you first open the app it brings you to this screen.mollyLRX22GAnthonyGarera11232015165117

Following this you’re prompted to sign in to Picasa/Google which though retired is still somehow tied into the current Google Photos, you click okay and all and set it as your DayDream choice and then you get to the fun part the customization! With the various settings seen below you can really fine tune things to your liking.


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