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An app that can finally handle podcasts is here! Radioline fills in a gap that was missing in the Android TV platform. With Google Play Music long delay on their feature we thought it would be while before such an app would make its way but we were proven wrong.



The picture above shows off how Radioline has styled podcasts and it does look really nice. The use of stacked cards and metadata helps the user experience really feel natural and not out-of-place on a TV.

Pause, Info, Love and Full Screen
Pause, Info, Love and Full Screen


As for the radio part of the app it’s what you can expect from its competition, using the leanback library to style to the platform’s guidelines. It leads to a smooth experience across the board whether you’re wanting to listen to radio or podcasts or even just switch between different stations and shows.

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In conclusion it’s a much-needed app to fill in the gaps in the current day Android TV platform, putting a little less dependence on casting for what you need and it’s done right and shows how good native apps can look when a little TLC is put into them.

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Addendum: Are you having trouble finding all the podcasts? Email the developers and let them know. They will respond quickly and add them.

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