PSA: Shield 2015 Owners for 5.0.2 Upgrade

A Quick PSA for Shield 2015 owners. According to the Shield Experience 5.0.2 upgrade thread, Manuel Guzman from Nvidia has informed everyone that if you get an Installation Error with a BugDroid Logo during the install, that you should do the following:

a) Unplug your SHIELD, wait 5 seconds, and plug power back.
b) After you see the SHIELD home screen, go to Settings > Apps > System Apps > Plex and select “Disable”.
c) Go to Settings > Apps > System Apps > Plex Media Server and select “Disable”.
d) Go to Settings > About > System upgrade and install the new SHIELD Upgrade.
e) After the upgrade installs and SHIELD reboots to the home screen, go back to Settings to “Enable” Plex and Plex Media Server.

Note: This is not the norm for everyone, and this is only if you get the install error. And this is only for the 2015 Shield TV Owners.

Link: Nvidia Shield TV Forum Thread