Deus Ex: Human Revolution Makes Its Way Onto GeForce Now

It’s was Tuesday…but now it’s Thursday so you know what that means, NVIDIA bringing another game to the SHIELD TV and this one is a big name console title. Courtesy of the great developers at Square Enix SHIELD TV & Geforce Now members will be able to play as Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Now if you don’t know anything about the series or the game like myself let me give you a quick briefing.


Set in the year 2027, Human Revolution focuses on ex-SWAT officer Adam Jensen, who is employed as security officer for Sarif Industries, a company on the leading edge of advanced and controversial artificial organs dubbed “augmentations”. An attack on Sarif Industries that apparently kills researcher and Adam’s ex-girlfriend Megan Reed also leaves Adam critically injured. To save him, company CEO David Sarif subjects him to an extensive augmentation procedure: six months later, now recovered and possessing advanced augmentations, Adam sets out to pursue his attackers and the shadowy organization behind them. The story explores themes of transhumanism, the growing power of mega corporations, and their impact on social class. It also uses the series’ recurring cyberpunk setting and conspiracy theory motif.

If this sparks your fancy then try it out because if you’re a GeForce Now member you’ve got nothing to lose because it’s included with membership.


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