Clustertruck And The Final Station Arrive Exclusively On The NVIDIA SHIELD TV

Remember growing up as a kid and playing the floor is lava either by yourself or with siblings or friends? It brings back great memories for me and so does this game. Imagine a game that combines the rules of the childhood game “The Floor is Lava” with the highway chase scene from Matrix: Reloaded, and you have ClustertruckIt’s a fun pick up and play game that has some depth to it with over 90 levels of pure chaos as you hop, skip and jump and defy physics on your way to the finish line. It brings new blood to the action platforming genre because of how off the walls it is.

The second game to coming to SHIELD today is called The Final Station an indie zombie survival game originally released on Steam in early 2016 , Travel by train through a dying world around you. Looking after your passengers while you aim to keep the train operational between each station. What it lacks in lore it makes up for in level design with some beautiful pixel art and game play.

Both games are available in the Play Store today for $14.99 each.


Anthony Garera

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