Oceanhorn is a new premium action game available for Android TV. It is a bit similar to Legend of Zelda in its gameplay. The protagonist must take his father’s personal effects and travel the world to defeat evil. The opening seemed to have a strong, if not cliche plot, and I’m sure that would continue […]

Back in November I published the Tv App Repo, a project that would make it easy to sideload new apps by building the sideloading experience as a native app using the Leanback interface. The idea was to slowly build a collection of apps with included Leanback shortcut apps. At the time I had to generate […]

HDMI, the High-Definition Media Interface, is a standard around media playback. The specification received an update to version 2.1, now supporting 8K video at 60 Hz and 4K at 120 Hz. The news was announced at CES. The current trend in television sets is ultra-high definition, also known as 4K. A standard 4K display has […]

The Danish cable provider, Stofa, announced during CES a partnership with Google and South Korean manufacturer Kaon to produce set-top boxes for customers that run Android TV. The device will run Android 7, Nougat, equipped with four DVB-C tuners and allow users to stream live television. It will also be able to decode up to […]

Announced during CES, the new line of television sets manufactured by Polaroid will have Chromecast tech inside. This lighter-weight implementation provides your TV with some intelligence without having a fully interactive operating system. The TVs will come in sizes between 43 and 75 inches, with $500 as the cheapest model. Each TV is UHD with […]

Video games have had a short but rich history. Pong, one of the first games, was released just forty-five years ago. The game Evoland, available on Google Play and Steam, takes users through an abridged history. The game starts out with monochrome graphics, eventually growing to 3D models. Gameplay also goes through this evolution. It […]

Froggie Jump is a game developed by Cenda Games, someone who we interviewed in the past. The developer aimed to make their games available on phones, TVs, and virtual reality headsets. This game in particular has been updated to support gamepads and Android TV, so we downloaded it and played it. The game starts off […]

Are you looking for a new apartment? This can be an arduous process with numerous choices, even within the same city. If you’re moving with others, then everyone will want a say in the matter. This makes Apartment Guide for Android TV an interesting choice that, while not the most efficient, makes it easy to […]

The weather app YoWindow is a very visual weather app, making it work very well on Android TV. It is “a living landscape that reflects your actual weather. For instance, if it’s raining – it rains in YoWindow.” The app requests your location and then uses that to present a nice visual window that is […]

We’re just a week into 2017, just finishing a seminal year for Android TV. There were a lot of big announcements and milestones set. We wanted to get an idea of which announcements were the most exciting, so we conducted a straw poll of readers on the site. The results are below from 50 voters. […]