Android TV allows third-party apps to target the largest screens in your house. TVs are huge displays that are shared by the whole family, making them great for not just media consumption (watching videos) but also displaying any passive information you want. Passive displays have fascinated me for a while, since the rise of smart […]

Have you heard? Android TV will be getting Google Assistant soonTM. It was originally announced in January, although we haven’t heard of a release date since. It is likely, however, that its release will coincide with Google I/O in mid-May. That’s when Google makes a number of significant announcements and could coincide with a larger […]

Magisto puts you the director’s chair, you decide the theme, you decide the music, you get control. With your building custom content which you can share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms.  They made Google’s list of Best Android Apps for 2015, Google Plays Editors Choice, they have been featured as the CES […]

Android TV and Chromecast have Backdrop, a feature that lets you customize what is displayed when the device is idle. For a Chromecast, this is when you stopped casting and it’s waiting for another session. For a TV, this manifests itself as a screensaver. It cycles through a large collection of popular photos, with the […]

Instagram, the app originally designed around sharing photos, also allows users to upload videos. The videos are short, up to sixty seconds long, but can be a good way to capture a moment in a way a simple photo cannot. While videos on Instagram haven’t been too popular, the company is trying to improve this […]

ARTags is an open source app for Android that lets users create drawings. It’s similar to many drawing apps, with different brush colors and sizes. When you’re done with your drawing, you can upload it to a server. When you upload it, you also send your location. When you upload your photo, it makes a […]

Seagate, a hard drive manufacturer, is constantly looking for more ways to give users access to their data. Many of their drives today have a wireless component, allowing you to browse with your phone without having to be connected to the Internet. However, this only works for a single user. If you want to watch […]

Digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLRs) are very popular for professional photographers that capture great photos as well as letting photographers enhances various parts of the image later on. There’s a lot of tech that goes into these cameras, doing things like letting you use your phone to control the camera remotely and seeing the […]