A while back, around when the Mi Box was first launched in stores, there was a beta program where some users could test new software updates before they reached everybody. Though the beta test program is now closed, users are now getting an early taste of Android Nougat on their devices with a new update. […]

Users of Xiaomi’s Mi Box seem to have found a software update waiting. The patch, 500 MB in size, seems to omit any sort of helpful changelog. Some Redditors have found only a single change. Once updated, users will receive a dialog that invites them to a very brief free trial of Sling TV, a […]

The Xiaomi Mi Box is going to be released to consumers very shortly. Already, some individuals have reported that the device has appeared in their local Wal-Mart for the sticker price of $70. Florida local Google Play user has purchased one and has given us their first impressions along with a bunch of photos. In […]

A Reddit user by the username of /u/koshergoy posted a picture of what appears to be a retail package for the Mi Box, he stated the source is a Media Kit prepared by Xiaomi’s Beijing based advertising agency so that means it could be seeing the light of day soon and we may have a new box at […]

In order to sell electronic devices with wireless connectivity in the United States, the manufacturer first needs to get this device approved by the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission. Now the Xiaomi Mi Box, a highly anticipated Android TV set-top box, has been spotted passing through the FCC for inspection. This is a good sign […]

Today, at the Living Room sandbox at Google I/O, Hugo Barra was around to talk about the Mi Box and give demonstrations to eager developers. The device has 8GB of flash memory, which can be expanded through a USB port on the back. With Android Marshmallow, it’s easy to expand memory through a flash drive. […]