The European Imaging and Sound Association, known as EISA, has just awarded one of Philips’ TVs, the 65PUS7601, as their “European Best Buy Large Screen TV” for 2016-2017. Philips TVs are powered by Android TV, giving users a really sophisticated smart TV experience and one that is continuing to mature. Although the organization was also […]

Philips, one of the companies embedding Android TV into their TV sets, has recently announced a new partner. eschews the trending subscription model for a more classic model. You pay for what you watch. If you only watched one movie last month, why should you be charged additionally for it? While Netflix’s static cost […]

Vizio may have done it first back in March but now it’s got competition from Philips. Philips just announced four new sets as part of the 6000 series Google Cast Ultra HDTV. The prices of the new TVs are in competition with the recently released RCA Android TV showings. The 6000 series TVs are available in four sizes: 43 […]

Tellybean has done a great job of building an Android TV app that has been critically praised. When it won an TV app development contest hosted by Philips, the judges praised it for its innovative solution to a problem. For those of you who haven’t heard of Tellybean, it’s a free app that allows users […]