Video is a growing component of social media. Not only can we create and share our own videos, but now we can even broadcast content live to an increasingly growing audience. This gives a lot of potential for social networks, which can connect users to videos and earn revenue by monetizing through video ads. With […]

Since Facebook debuted live video on their social media platform, it has been adopted by a number of groups for a variety of reasons. It has been used to capture significant events without the classic need for journalists or television crews. From the Democrats sitting-in while C-SPAN cameras aren’t broadcasting, to activists protesting the Dakota […]

Radio was a major innovation in society, a tool that allowed the average person to learn of news around the world and hear the stories of others, fiction and non-fiction. This is something Facebook is now embracing in their Live Audio tool, a way to stream directly from your phone but only audio. It is […]

Facebook has been putting ads in the sidebar and in their news feed for a while. These ads appear similar to posts, coming from a particular Facebook page and having an image and some text. However, Facebook is planning to extend its ad network for more video. A spokesperson from Facebook sent the following response […]

Instagram is working on bringing a live video component to the service, something that has been added by several competitors in the space. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, has its own live video service. This was originally found several weeks ago, according to the Russian site T Journal. Now this has been confirmed by Instagram’s CEO, […]

Facebook really likes being the center of attention, like really badly and slowly they’re sticking their hands in anything which is fine because they’re allowed to do that and competition is good. Over the past year they’ve been feuding with YouTube in a direct and indirect way. Direct through competition for the superior video and […]

Amazon is one of several online video services that has been investing in original content, much like Netflix and Hulu. A number of their shows have actually been received favorably, with Mozart in the Jungle receiving awards for best comedy. While that’s great for them, these shows may not be seen by too many people. […]