As you know Vizio TV sets are in a unique transition right now, if you bought your TV set in the past year you might have gotten a free remote in the form of an Android tablet, pretty cool right? It’s definitely different from everyone else and it was all Google Cast based, no traditional […]

The Google Cast Receiver while it’s not an app you would open and navigate it’s one that makes an appearance in every Android TV users life quite often. It’s the bread and butter of how casting is so smooth and “just works”. If you want to be on the cutting edge of casting then Google […]

So in the past few days you might have noticed YouTube looks a bit different than it previously did, there’s a good reason for this it’s because it’s reached v2.0 and if you have any experience with YouTube on other platforms then you’ll notice some similarities or if you’ve got a laptop/desktop and you go […]

[Update] We are working on adding support for all podcast platforms On This Podcast Kevin & I discuss Google I/O and what to expect as well as news in the Android TV realm from the last week and everything in between. The Show notes are listed below. Show Notes: Aeotec by Aeon Labs DSA03202W Black […]

Not to be confused with the popular and well-known Penny Arcade Expo aka PAX but Google has today announced PAX, which stands for “Android Networked Cross-License Agreement”, so yeah that makes perfect sense somehow. Basically, this new licensing program will allow members — which include some of Google’s many Android partners — to stop threatening […]

2016 wow what a year, for better or for worse we haven’t had a year so unpredictable in quite a long time. In 2016 we saw a lot of change, the Android TV community is heading in the right direction depending on who you ask but I think we can all agree it’s better than […]

The Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) is an important document for OEMs. It is a document, written by engineers at Google, that stipulates what is required in an Android device. This may differ based on form factor (TV, phone, watch), but overall states what is recommended and required for products before they’re certified. This certification […]

The Google Assistant is getting an API today with the launch of “Actions on Google,” a way for developers to build “conversation actions” that can be called up on the Assistant’s various interfaces. This stays true to the API being available in December as we talked about when covering the Google Home Cheatsheet. The “Actions on […]

Looking for a list of commands the your Google Home will understand? Since the Google Home only came out a short while ago I’ve decided it’s a good idea to have an easy to access resource to remind the community what’s achievable with this size of salsa digital assistant we call Google Home. This list […]

Today is the big day! No need to refresh the page live updates will be posted as it happens. The event starts at 12 EST,  9AM Google HQ time.   Anthony GareraAnthony is usually tinkering with everything and anything because there’s always one more thing to do, reviewing games and apps and complaining about things […]

When Google rebranded and restructured their organization, Google became their own company with along with many assets that Google controlled under the new parent company, Alphabet. One of these companies that was taken out from under Google’s control was Nest. Nest has had their share of issues along the way. Recently Nest made the move to be […]

The Weather Network is an industry leader in multi-platform local weather information services and today announced that it is enabling DoubleClick’s Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) solution for its Android TV app.  DoubleClick DAI allows advertisers to dynamically target The Weather Network’s Android TV audience. Since their Android TV app supports both direct and programmatic sales, DoubleClick’s DAI […]

We recently received a tip about a handful of Google Apps. The claim was that some recent app updates: Chrome, Drive, Slides, and Gmail; have all added support for DPADs and they theorized that Android TV support could be coming soon. The claim was fascinating, so we did an investigation and while the tipster had […]

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the official launch of Android TV News. It began with a simple idea. There did not seem to be a lot going on in Android TV. Developers weren’t building apps because there weren’t users, and users weren’t getting devices because of a lack of apps. There was a disconnect […]

UPDATE: Sascha Prüter responded with the following statement “So it looks like some accessories are not properly reporting the microphone. We are pushing out a new Search version where we disabled the new detection on Android M devices and will work with OEMs to fix this behavior in parallel so we can enable this at a later […]