Today finally marks the YouTube TV app being released for the masses and on multiple platforms with others in the pipeline. Be forewarned it shares similarities to the YouTube app on pretty much every internet enabled platform that has. Thankfully though that doesn’t hinder how great the outperforms or the way it looks just in […]

Having little ones can be a lot of work. Thankfully wonderful things like YouTube allow Mom and Dad to do other things while YouTube entertains them, YouTube also has stuff your kid shouldn’t be watching at such a young age and that’s why there’s YouTube Kids! Up until now there was no native Android TV […]

Today NVIDIA announced an update all SHIELD TV owners should know about. That is that YouTube 360 degrees is here today as promised many months ago at CES 2017. The first thing you’ll see is the streamlined UI on the sidebar. Removing channel subscriptions so if you’ve got what seems like an endless list like […]

So in the past few days you might have noticed YouTube looks a bit different than it previously did, there’s a good reason for this it’s because it’s reached v2.0 and if you have any experience with YouTube on other platforms then you’ll notice some similarities or if you’ve got a laptop/desktop and you go […]

At Google I/O, there was mention of YouTube Kids and YouTube 360-degree videos, although another new feature seemed not to get mentioned for Android TV users: a full redesign of the YouTube app. The design was teased first in the general keynote during the 360-degree video demo for the living room. The presenter speaks into a […]

At Google I/O Google has announced that YouTube’s 360-degree videos are coming soon to TVs, expanding beyond smartphones and web browsers for the first time. “It’s not just about the size of the screen,” YouTube product manager Sarah Ali said before demoing a 360-degree video from Coachella. “It’s about giving you an experience that [traditional] TV […]

Felix Kjellberg, also known as Pewdiepie, garnered a lot of press a few weeks ago when he announced that he’d be deleting his YouTube channel after getting 50 million subscribers. Felix, the most subscribed user on the platform, has earned plenty of revenue from ads on his videos, but has also had a number of […]

YouTube has slowly been adding features to its live video streaming. Live video has become a big deal, with platforms also built by Twitter and Facebook. Instagram, a subsidiary of Facebook, is also adding a live video feature. YouTube now is supporting 4K video live streaming, something that will be useful for gamers who stream […]

There have been a bunch of news happening with YouTube in the past few weeks and we have combined all of this news together so you can get a quick overview of everything. Music in Germany Copyright laws differ between countries, and YouTube has tried to work with all of them to give users as […]

If you’re one of those Android TV users who love politics but ditched your paid TV service, you might be wondering how you’ll watch the next Presidential Debate this upcoming Wednesday. (Wait, how did you watch the last ones?) Let’s take a look at a couple of options. The first is a reliable YouTube stream, the second […]

Facebook really likes being the center of attention, like really badly and slowly they’re sticking their hands in anything which is fine because they’re allowed to do that and competition is good. Over the past year they’ve been feuding with YouTube in a direct and indirect way. Direct through competition for the superior video and […]

Large YouTube channels not only post content and get a lot of views, but they tend to develop a community. These fans are able to help out, not just by sharing the video, but engaging both the creators and other fans in a meaningful way. This is great for many creators as better fans can […]

YouTube is a popular place for all kinds of videos, including music videos. Often these videos are just music, and they may be played in the background while users do something else. YouTube Music, which works well with YouTube Red, may be a great solution for those users who listen to a lot of music […]

Amazon is one of several online video services that has been investing in original content, much like Netflix and Hulu. A number of their shows have actually been received favorably, with Mozart in the Jungle receiving awards for best comedy. While that’s great for them, these shows may not be seen by too many people. […]

Cord-cutting has become a growing trend in the US, where consumers move away from an all-in-one cable service for piecemeal streaming services. However, growth shouldn’t be seen as guaranteed. IBM recently released a survey that points out the areas where users tend to get frustrated and quit the service. From their survey, 31% of participants […]

After being teased for the past month, this latest update to NVIDIA’s Shield TV is available today. Users have been seeing the dialog appear, notifying them to download and install this update. What is changing? You can take a look at NVIDIA’s press release: With today’s software update, NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV strengthens its position […]

Live streaming can be a powerful way to engage with an audience. Your phone immediately connects to other users on Periscope or Facebook, and though YouTube has had support for live streaming it hasn’t made it possible in the YouTube app. Third-party apps could support livestreaming from mobile, but with this feature being more in-demand, […]

  Official NFL channel on YouTube will contain additional NFL content including three of the greatest games in the history of each of the league’s 32 clubs NFL fans time to get excited, more official football content! So to the important details, the two organizations are working together to get highlights from NFL games online while […]

Last week, among the craziness of Google I/O and new game ports like Resident Evil 5, NVIDIA published an update to their Shield TV devices. Some of the news includes HDR support, which stands for High Dynamic Range, making content have better contrast. This is manifesting itself in HDR Netflix and YouTube as well as […]

YouTube has graced us with a new type of ad platform for YouTube called bumper ads. In a blog post, Product Manager Zach Lupei said YouTube has been exploring formats that are better-suited for smartphone video watchers. Hence the creation of Bumper ads — video ads that are only six seconds long. Drawing inspiration from short […]

HDR, known as High Dynamic Range, is a display technology integrated in some newer TVs that allow for colors to have far greater contrast than they do currently. This means videos look better and will pop out more. However, this also means content creators will need to distribute content in HDR in order to fully […]