Android N Is Bringing Multi-User Support (More Details to Come)

The Good News

According to Sascha Prüter A Product Manager at Google, Android N will bring the long overdue Multi-User Support that’s been requested by many in the community. This feature while introduced a couple of versions ago in Android 4.2 hasn’t made its way to TV but is going to sometime this year. The use cases for this can vary but one I ran into was in a shared Apartment situation, when you have multiple people with multiple Netflix, Hulu and YouTube accounts it’s quite the pain to swap logins so you can keep your watch history up to date and not mess up anyone’s recommendations. Now yes I know I could just cast it and it’s saved to my profile but that’s not the point.

How It Will Work?

From what we know so far from Sascha is from this comment on Google+:

Actually multi-user support is in N 🙂 But apps (including our own) still need to implement the account switcher.

As more new arrives I will post it. It’s that a simple feature that’s long been requested and needed has been finally announced and it’s a happy day!

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