View this post on Instagram #android #nougat A post shared by Nick (@fleker) on Jun 30, 2016 at 9:28am PDT Nick FelkerNick Felker is a student Electrical & Computer Engineering student at Rowan University (C/O 2017) and the student IEEE webmaster. When he’s not studying, he is a software developer for the web and Android […]

Android N, whose name will be decided by us, is getting another update. It was announced at I/O earlier today. (Vote for “Namey McNameFace”!) This is now a “beta”, meaning it’s said to be stable enough to be put on daily drivers. This third release, is one of the five planned before the final release. […]

Google I/O is only a few days and it’s a ghost town regarding what to expect. There have been a rather small number of rumors, but using these rumors, we can take a stab at what kinds of things Google will be announcing at the keynote. This year Google is in an excellent position with […]

A few days ago a handful of Android phones and tablets received an OTA update to the newest version of Android N. This second preview is now rolling out to the Nexus Player as well. In a Android Development blog post, they highlight a few pretty big changes to the operating system. Vulkan Vulkan is […]

Google surprised everyone by suddenly releasing a preview version of Android N for phones and TVs about a fortnight ago. Now that the dust has settled from the big news, we’ve dived in to all of the big features that will be coming to Android TVs. As this is a developer preview, things are subject […]

As I’ve been going through the Android N build seeing what new things are upon us I came across something that seems so useful and is both a power user and non-power user feature and that is what I’m calling for now recent tabs. Below you’ll see how it looks in the short video taken and […]

Have you downloaded the Android N preview? Run into some bugs, we did too! By filling out the form below you can help us accumulate a list that will be sent in to make sure all is smoothed out by the time it’s released to the masses. Be sure to fill out all the fields […]

Two years ago, Google surprised us by releasing a developer preview for Android L at Google I/O, which later became Lollipop. Last year they improved the process by publishing several preview releases for Android M, which was announced at Google I/O. This year, we expected the trend to continue. Yet Google continues to surprise. They […]

Android N is now available for people to download to their Android phones, tablets, or Android TV. One huge feature is API support for recording media, which effectively gives Android TV support for a DVR. But what if you want your TV to be slightly more productive? Android N gives phones and tablets multi-window support, […]

Today Google surprised us all and released a preview for all current Nexus devices including the near and dear Nexus Player. Most of the big news is on the Phone/Tablet side but Android TV has some hidden tricks up its sleeves. The first trick we’ve discovered is the addition of Android TV Recording API’s. Building on […]