NVIDIA Shield Discontinued, is v2 Release Imminent?

Shield TV out of stock
Update: The 16GB model of the Shield is also out-of-stock on NVIDIA’s online store.

NVIDIA’s Shield TV has seen a lot of success since it was first announed. In addition to NVIDIA working with game developers to bring a number of exclusive games to its device, it also seems to have sold enough that NVIDIA is planning a sequel.

Two weeks ago we first began to hear rumors of a new NVIDIA Shield. A new TV remote control passed by the FCC for approval. Not too long after that FCC documents showed a 2nd generation Shield TV.

If true, NVIDIA will likely have this product on sale by the holiday season and move customers to this new model by discontinuing the original.

ebuyer shield none

Recently Redditor mrwabit noticed that the NVIDIA Shield has been discontinued on the site ebuyer. Additionally, it’s unavailable or out-of-stock on Amazon.

Does this mean we’ll see the second generation coming soon? NVIDIA doesn’t seem like they’re giving up on Android TV. With Android Nougat just released, now’s a good chance to announce a state-of-the-art gaming console.

What kind of hardware would you want to see in a new NVIDIA Shield TV? Let us know in the comments below.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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  • Francois Roy

    OMG nice way to create panic and speculation, pal

    • Jezwinni

      Panic? Why?

  • jdiperla

    Yeah, ebuyer is not the authority on this. Pretty sure the device is not discontinued before a new one is officially announced for sale. Where has nvidia stated that it is discod? For a news site, you should be more careful. Very disappointing. Don’t cause a panic for no reason.

    • Duder12

      Its also out of stock on nvidia’s official site in addition to Amazon.

      I would say something is up.

  • Magister

    Panic? Why would there be panic.

    Edit. nvm. Different poster making a joke. 😉

  • notsofastnow

    I’d like to see voice search and Chromecast that actually work, two unresolved bugs with the current Shield.

    • William Henley

      Interesting, I don’t have issues with either. Chromecast on this device actually works, unlike me actual Chromecast, which is now collecting dust since I got the shield. The voice search works fine for me, but I wish I could type in my search half the time.

      What I would like to see is a more open Play Store (I’m having to get apks and side load many apps. They may not be optimized, but they run fine – they should just put up a warning that this app may not work as intended in the store). Also, if I bought a game for my phone, and there is a shield enhanced version, it would be nice to not have to repurchase it.

      A controller that uses Bluetooth instead of wifi direct would be nice – there is so much wifi traffic in my neighborhood my controller keeps shutting off. Had to buy a USB extension cable. Even if they moved the controller to 5ghz, it would help

    • bplewis24

      Those two things work well for me. Casting to the shield has always been flawless. Voice search works the first time around 75% of the time. I did notice recently that I was watching TV from a different location than normal (much closer to the shield) and it didn’t pick up my voice correctly. Other than that, it’s pretty good. I just wish more apps (Hulu, Netflix) used voice search within their apps, instead of forcing me to type.

  • NashGuy

    It would be great if Nvidia has been working with Google to cook up a native OTA DVR solution for the Shield TV. I expect the updated Shield TV to bow with Android TV 7.0 and the (yet-to-be-released) new version of the Live Channels app, which together offer native APIs/UI controls for DVR features. Perhaps Nvidia has taken one of the existing open source DVR back-end engines and ported it to run on their hardware as part of the core system software, connecting it to Live Channels to create a polished single-app solution for watching and managing live and recorded TV. We know the Shield TV already works with Silicon Dust tuners and Google is apparently building driver support into Live Channels for a couple of different OTA USB tuners (I’d guess from Hauppage). If Nvidia did this, they would be beating both Plex DVR and HDHomeRun DVR (both in beta, neither yet integrated with Live Channels) to the punch.

    Oh, and I’m also hoping that Nvidia has worked out a deal with Amazon to get the Amazon Video app pre-installed on Shield TV since I doubt we’ll ever see Amazon put the app on Google Play.

    • NF

      DVR support and USB tuner support are part of Live Channels in Nougat. Some of those things could be implemented just by updating the OS.

      Amazon Prime Video can be sideloaded to the Shield: https://androidtv.news/2016/07/amazon-vod-finally-android-tv/

      • Fofer

        The sideloaded Amazon Prime Video only plays in 1080p (no 4k) on Shield. I’ve also started reading reports this week that the sideloaded app has been blocked (again) by Amazon. Can you check to see if yours still works?

  • Zoidbort

    The better not drop support for v1 once this launches!
    A year later?
    Why not keep this one going until it can no longer keep up and then follow with a successor?

    • Glenn Morgan

      I agree 100%
      Also I had to return my first Shield TV to the store for a replacement.
      I also just discovered that my gamepad that came with the Shield TV, the back button is no good.
      Talk about jump through hoops to RMA it, took way too long for something that I registered when purchased.

      To drop the ball on the people who spent good money on this one year after and not support it? I wont buy a V2 that’s for sure.

      I will build a new HTPC instead.

  • VashCZ

    Panic, because when another shield portable is not coming out, they may be going to cut whole Shield products including Shield TV :-D.

    • That seems unlikely. NVIDIA is continuing to invest in the platform.

  • No Ta

    Nvidia have two options.

    I am a Advent tegra note 7″ tegra4 user and for years have given Nvidia feedback that they should bring out a TV box based on this Soc but with HD1080 and 4k, for the lower bottom market below 70 dollars, a TV cable cutter box.

    The Nvidia shield needs to give customers more of a open software option, let custom OS be developed by user base. And a basic vanilla flavour for the non technical. Users will push the hardware and market if allowed access. Users can try, fail or succeed more than Nvidia. Nvidia should stick to Hardware and optimized drivers, let user developers talent free.

    Lower priced Nvidia shield TV is the other market. Three tier, Lower, middle, top and all based on stock Android. Let users adopt what they want . let them explore and modify the OS..

    • Given this partnership with Google for access to Google apps and the Play Store, stock Android seems unlikely (at least officially). Some hobbyists have ported mobile Android to the Shield, even adding a dual boot capability.

  • SteveS

    Still in stock in France… https://shield.nvidia.fr/store/android-tv

  • The Whispering Lad

    I wanna buy the second one. Hope they release it. Also, we do not need a HDD version, ONLY SSD!

    • P.Z.R.

      yes version 2 needs an SSD minimum.

      Would love it if it was bigger & included a powerful GTX 10 series card

      4k gaming console?