Today was just another quiet Wednesday until Tidal decided to tell Android TV and Apple TV users that they now can enjoy lossless audio on their devices. For those who are audiophiles or Tidal users (but aren’t those the same thing?) , but want to live in the 21st century. This is great news as […]

Pandora announced this week a refreshed experience coming to Android TV users as well as other platforms but the focus here was on Android TV. Browse personalized recommendations on the TV home page to access your most recently listened to stations and a selection of stations based on mood and activities, decades, today’s music, recommended […]

The Google Cast Receiver while it’s not an app you would open and navigate it’s one that makes an appearance in every Android TV users life quite often. It’s the bread and butter of how casting is so smooth and “just works”. If you want to be on the cutting edge of casting then Google […]

Announced at Google I/O this past year Google told us all Google Home devices were getting bluetooth streaming. Now it’s finally rolling out as users are seeing it show up in the Google Home App. Google Home has always supported streaming audio, but that was as a Chromecast target. Your app needs to have Chromecast support […]

Soundcloud is like the YouTube for music. Anyone can create and publish their own tracks and create a following there. The platform also provides a podcasting service. For a website that has over 12 hours of audio uploaded every minute and 175 million monthly listeners, the goal is for listeners to access their favorite music […]

Last week we discussed the music visualization app projectM, which just released an app optimized for Android TV. Some comments noted their unenthusiasm about the default styles that are included in the app and asked how to use their own. This is a brief guide on how to download and use visualizations that you can […]

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you may be familiar with the music visualizer tool projectM. It works with pretty much any music source you can think of to present a trippy visual experience in the foreground. Now there’s an Android TV version of the app which provides the same fascinating experience. The […]

YouTube is a popular place for all kinds of videos, including music videos. Often these videos are just music, and they may be played in the background while users do something else. YouTube Music, which works well with YouTube Red, may be a great solution for those users who listen to a lot of music […]

Today Vizio has announced a new selection of home speakers with integrated Google Cast, the SmartCast Crave 360 and the SmartCast Crave Pro. These new speakers are designed as potential competition to Sonos (and others) but really just Sonos, offering multi-room functionality and a few more things.  The $249 SmartCast Crave 360 is a portable speaker boasting omni-directional […]

Another day another service/app added to the Android TV platform! This time it’s Deezer and it’s so important the Android Twitter account showed Android TV some love and tweeted about it to let everyone know as seen below. Just from the initial screenshot I can tell already this looks like a very pretty app. Expect […]

tape brands itself as an app that brings users “the best concerts and other events live” to not just your phone, but other devices in your home. Recently that included Android TV. So we tried it out in order to find out how great of an experience this was for users. I found that the […]

With most music services today, users are streaming mp3 files. These are compressed audio files which are optimal for streaming because of their smaller file size, but there are a group of individuals who may prefer higher quality audio files. The music service Tidal differentiates itself by streaming high-fidelity, lossless audio. You can stream audio […]

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? In a shocking turn of events Spotify, yes that Spotify has come to Android TV and just like you I couldn’t believe it till I saw it! To login, all you need to do is be connected to the same wi-fi and click on the Android TV device in the […]

Kodi, once called XBMC, is a popular open source media player that has been facing competition recently. Developer Chris Browet has left the development team after trying to provide better Android TV support with custom code. He forked the project, taking the project’s source code and modifying it as his own project, and published SPMC. […]

Podcasts, the modern equivalent of radio shows, have finally come to Google Play Music. Users will be able to subscribe to shows, receive notifications when there’s new episodes, and sync your playback status across all of your devices. Unlike other podcast apps like PocketCasts, this service is entirely free for Google users. Right now, the […]

Kodi, a popular cross-platform media app, just published it’s 16th major release for Android. The app has been updated to the Play Store. Kodi 16.0, which has the codename Jarvis, gives users a number of new features while improving the overall experience for Android mobile and Android TV users. As we saw earlier, they’ve been […]

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There’s a group of people who will say that the old times were better or that TV today is terrible. Perhaps people want to relive the past for nostalgic reasons or want to learn more about life half a century ago. All of those demographics may be interested in getting access to episodes from over […]

Seagate, a hard drive manufacturer, is constantly looking for more ways to give users access to their data. Many of their drives today have a wireless component, allowing you to browse with your phone without having to be connected to the Internet. However, this only works for a single user. If you want to watch […]

Android TV had a great year as many apps were created and published with support for TVs. Looking back at the past twelve months, the Android TV News team decided to pick their favorite in no particular order. Plex Plex is a popular all-around media server for your home. A desktop program can run in […]