Pluto TV, an app that shows hundreds of channels based on careful curation from a variety of sources, has recently received a big update. One of the hallmark features is the inclusion of new channels, and we’ll be taking a look at all of them in this article. One of Pluto TV’s big features is […]

If you have a Nexus Player, then you can hook up a USB tuner and antenna. This will turn your device into a cordcutting box, able to stream over-the-air signals as well as record this media using the DVR functionality. How does it work? We take a look in this hands-on article. Since the Nexus […]

The Live Channels app has been updated yesterday to include a DVR activity and a user interface for recording. How do these things work? We take a deep dive into this new API and user experience using a hastily thrown together app. The app integrates YouTube videos into Live Channels to play them as you’d […]

Live Channels is Android TV’s “killer app”, seamlessly blending live TV with app-based channels in a singular UI with DVR capabilities coming soon. It represents the new age of media where anyone can become a media mogul just by creating content. The barrier to entry is lower than ever before. If you have just started […]

My Live Channels app, Cumulus TV, has been slowly accruing a number of feature requests on its issue tracker. Many people have been asking for EPG (electronic program guide) support as well as more customization. Personally I have desired to reduce the number of crashes that exist in the app as well as make the […]

TVHeadend is a server that a user can set up in their home to stream and recording TV channels. Basically, it’s the perfect type of device to integrate with Android TV’s Live Channels app. It’s something that many users have been wanting to see for a while, and a public beta is now available for […]

PuppetMaster.TV, the app trying to take on Kodi, has just received a recent update that further separates it and takes more advantage of Android TV’s unique feature set. Now, live streams from puppets (this app’s name for plugins) will show up in the Live Channels app as a source, allowing users to add them and […]

Live Channels is a way users can triage live channels over-the-air or from a cable box with any third-party app. You can watch Fox right next to Haystack TV, or watch your local public broadcasting in a PiP while you play a game. It’s a beautiful app and a great set of APIs for media […]

HDHomeRun has become a great way to watch cable channels through Android TV’s Live Channels app, and they’ve received good reviews by us in the past. Yet it’s only supported streaming and not full recording. The ability to have a DVR in Android TV would greatly add value to the platform, and it’s something that […]

Haystack TV is an “award-winning app” that fuses headline news based on user-specified interests for free. With some quick setup, users can watch political news, sports news, entertainment news, technology news, and more from a number of sources. It’s a smarter type of cable news, where it will show news you care about instead of […]