Today finally marks the YouTube TV app being released for the masses and on multiple platforms with others in the pipeline. Be forewarned it shares similarities to the YouTube app on pretty much every internet enabled platform that has. Thankfully though that doesn’t hinder how great the outperforms or the way it looks just in […]

Hulu is getting into the Internet TV market, like YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, and many other competitors. For $40/month, you can watch a variety of popular channels on a multitude of devices with cloud DVRing of shows and on-demand content as well. While the app does support some smart TV platforms, it notably leaves out […]

The arrival of SHOWTIME ® on Sling TV marks the first time an over-the-top (OTT) service has offered content from the four leading premium networks. SHOWTIME features eight different channels and is available today for $10 per month to new and existing Sling TV customers. “We know our price and the ability to personalize your […]

For a while rumors have been swarming that YouTube executives were making deals with networks for a sort of over-the-top cable service called Unplugged. This service, which would be $35, would blend together traditional media with original YouTube videos (and YouTube Red content) for a novel experience. Today, YouTube unveiled YouTube TV at an event […]

Google’s Live Channels app has allowed users to stream from a variety of networked sources, although users are probably more excited about the DVR feature. As the name implies, third-party channel apps can respond to user requests for recording and playing back of media. At this moment, the app needs to support it, limiting the […]

If you have a Nexus Player, then you can hook up a USB tuner and antenna. This will turn your device into a cordcutting box, able to stream over-the-air signals as well as record this media using the DVR functionality. How does it work? We take a look in this hands-on article. Since the Nexus […]

According to a report from Bloomberg CBS won’t be appearing on the latest cable streaming service on the block DirectTVNow. That means at launch NFL programming, Big Bang Theory and various others in CBS catalog will be MIA. Boasting over 100 channels and with a high starting price, this is bound to have an impact on […]

In a bit of a shocker of a press release Sling TV, one of the first Cable style TV over internet solutions before PS Vue came about and DirectTVNow. They’ve announced that they’ll be joining Comcast’s X1 Platform. The intro paragraph is very confusing considering Comcast is a cable provider, and Sling provides the same […]

Last week, Roku caught our attention with a blog post on new tools for the Roku platform. Updating their Roku Direct Publisher Platform, Roku is giving content providers really no reason to ignore them any further for pretty much any reason. Video creators/content providers can walk through a few steps, including providing a video feed, then have their […]

Netflix just took a step in the right direction to get in a market they haven’t ventured before, theaters.  The streaming service just signed a deal with the theater chain iPic Entertainment that will give a same-day theater release to a portion of Netflix’s films, The Wall Street Journal reports. The deal includes 10 of Netflix’s upcoming […]

Twitter has been continuing to invest in the live streaming industry by partnering with a variety of media companies to connect content with users. They recently made a deal with Bloomberg to stream three shows live: Bloomberg West, What’d You Miss?, and With All Due Respect. This partnership will make it easier for individuals to […]

Today begins the Republican National Convention, when the GOP will be planning their platform for the upcoming 2016 US elections. It’s an important event for the country, as politicians from local, state, and national levels will be discussing what the next steps should be for the country. It is a three-day event taking place in […]

So you like Sling TV but sometimes you need to get caught up or started on something on demand and Sling is missing an episode or two, lucky for you Sling is working with other companies to be a login provider when you go to verify your subscription beyond WatchESPN, which they’ve always supported. Sling […]

Live Channels is a way users can triage live channels over-the-air or from a cable box with any third-party app. You can watch Fox right next to Haystack TV, or watch your local public broadcasting in a PiP while you play a game. It’s a beautiful app and a great set of APIs for media […]

STARZ recently launched their own OTT service. The monthly fee of $8.99 gave users access to all of STARZ’s movies and shows, and those of its children companies Encore and Movieplex. While it has only been available to mobile users for the past month, it made a lot of sense for the app to move […]

Bloomberg L.P. is a company founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1981. In addition to providing software services like analytics to finance firms, it has also become a major media outlet for reporting and discussion current events in the global financial market (and things in general). This includes online news, radio, and TV. Having this multimedia […]

What if cable companies just offered streams? You paid Comcast a subscription fee, not unlike Netflix, and then could stream channels to a set-top box produced by Google or Apple instead of renting an expensive cable box? That’s part of a proposal that the FCC has made which would standardize the cable format and allow […]

Showtime, the TV and movie channel, has had a standalone subscription service for interested viewers for a few months. However, though cable subscriptions are dropping, many people still pay for cable and Showtime is included in that cable subscription. What if one of those customers wanted to use an app? The answer is their TV […]

Like Android TV, Sling TV is attempting to drag traditional entertainment kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Sling TV does its part by flipping the conventional cable model on its head. Instead of lumbering, expensive, closed experiences with long contracts, Sling affordably offers your favorite cable channels on the device of your choice and […]