Boomerang OTT Service, Twitter Adds Lacrosse, Netflix Funds Orson Welles’ Final Movie – Cordcutting News From Around the Web

The cordcutting field continues to grow more popular and diverse, and there continue to be news. This is a summary of the big cordcutting news that has happened this week.

Boomerang Launches $5 / month streaming service

You may know Boomerang as a TV channel where you can watch classic cartoons like Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry. The parent company, Time Warner, will be making their collection available as an over-the-top service, starting at $5 per month or $40 per year. The app will be available on major platforms, hopefully at some point in the spring, and include some new series such as a “comedic fantasy” that will be set in the world of The Wizard of Oz.

Twitter Adds Lacrosse Streaming

Twitter has been partnering to get live sports on their platform, and through their TV app, and now they’ve landed another partner: The National Lacrosse League. Though not as big as the NFL, it still attracts a number of viewers.

Hulu Adds A&E

Hulu will be launching a live streaming service in the next few months with many TV networks on board. Their service will become more useful with the announcement of an agreement with A&E. This will add more channels to the service: A&E, Viceland, History, Lifetime, FYI, and LMN. It will quickly end up competing with YouTube and their own upcoming TV service. Their new site shows off their DVR offering and how users will get notifications about what to watch.

VICE Produces Original Shows for Snapchat

Media company VICE has made a deal with Snapchat to start producing original shows. Snapchat is currently a mobile-only app, has been making these deals with other partners like the BBC. These mobile-optimized shows, vertical video and short, don’t necessarily translate well to larger screens or long shows. A Snapchat TV app may be out of the question, but will this content draw more people to the app as it faces increasing competition from Facebook (and Instagram)?

Netflix Funds Orson Welles’s Movie, The Other Side of the Wind

Director of the movie Citizen Kane, Orson Welles, had been working on another movie until he passed away in 1985, leaving the work unfinished. The Other Side of the Wind had been left in this state until a few years ago when Royal Road Entertainment bought the rights and launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce it. They did not reach their goal at the time, even with flexible funding, and were unable to fully produce it. Now Netflix is stepping in to give the group the funds they need to complete it. Today, small production groups can quickly get funds to produce their craft from more parties than may have existed in the past.

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