Plex 5.6: Original Music Quality, Multiple Fixes for Android TV

Plex is a popular media server that enables users to stream their content from their computer to their TV along with content from certain cloud sources. The company just published a new update to their Android app for phones and TVs that makes a number of performance fixes for Android TV users. It also adds a small number of features that may make people’s lives easier.


The official changelog for version 5.6 is available below. As shown, the “original” quality can allow music to be played with higher-fidelity. There are also a number of interface tweaks to the app on Android TV in order to make the navigation make more sense and ¬†allow the service to handle different types of media.

* Support “Original” quality when syncing music.
* Add preference to disable discovery of AirPlay players on the network.
* Display media flags for locally synced content.
* ARM64v8a support.
* [Mobile] App shortcuts available for devices running Android 7.1.
* [Android TV] Hide “Next” and “Previous” buttons on preplays when no siblings are available.

* Don’t show Plex Pass Upsell screen when user that’s not a server admin tries to enable Camera Upload.
* App could crash when requesting storage permission on devices running Android 6+.
* App crashed when removing something from the Play Queue and then closing the player.
* Friends list incorrectly reports no friends when offline.
* Fix random crash during long sync operations.
* App could crash when enabling Camera Upload after First Run Wizard.
* Hide overflow menu when no available actions.
* App was no longer displaying unwatched count on TV season and show posters.
* [Android TV] Improve default background image.
* [Android TV] Selecting a home screen recommendation and then going “back” no longer closes the app.
* [Android TV] Photo player was jumping to next item after 5 seconds for video.
* [Android TV] Fix issue with “Update Library” action in recent versions of PMS.
* [Android TV] Shuffle and lyrics button overlap when choosing “Play next” on new item.
* [Android TV] Search UI wasn’t displayed for channels that allow it.
* [TV] Fix problem where playback could start unexpectedly or play the wrong item

The app can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

Developer: Plex, Inc.
Price: Free+

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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