Since Facebook debuted live video on their social media platform, it has been adopted by a number of groups for a variety of reasons. It has been used to capture significant events without the classic need for journalists or television crews. From the Democrats sitting-in while C-SPAN cameras aren’t broadcasting, to activists protesting the Dakota […]

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you may be familiar with the music visualizer tool projectM. It works with pretty much any music source you can think of to present a trippy visual experience in the foreground. Now there’s an Android TV version of the app which provides the same fascinating experience. The […]

Hulu, one of the large streaming services that have launched in recent years, has added two high profile features this month that should help it better compete with Netflix and improve the experience for more users. Offline playback will allow users to cache certain TV shows on their device so they can play them back […]

This year is Super Bowl LI, the 51st in the National Football League’s championship series. It’s a massive event, appealing to a wide audience with a halftime show, sports, and elaborate commercials, getting watched by over 110 million users last year. To expand their audience to the cordcutters, FOX will allow the competition to be […]

The web comedy site Seriously.TV has updated their Android app to let users watch their videos on their TV. Seriously.TV is a bit of a misnomer, probably intentionally. It is a comedy network aimed at young adults. Their website is a mix of satire and comedy, and they have an active presence on YouTube as […]

Two channels owned by Viacom have recently gotten updates to their apps that enable users to watch shows from their couch. Viacom is a large media company in the US, owning several popular channels and a corporation with content being watched all around the world. Two of their US channels, Comedy Central and BET (Black […]

The local TV station has released an Android TV app that allows you to watch short clips and shows. New York’s WPIX now has an Android app that works on TVs. The station recently rediscovered a 1966 broadcast of a Yule log. The app contains a variety of clips from their shows and some other […]

The media service ShowMax, the “biggest collection of SA entertainment” (South Africa), is an over-the-top streaming service that launched last year. For $9 / month, you will have access to plenty of content. The app is now coming to Android TV, and is part of a big expansion in the company’s development. It means that […]

Pluto TV, an app that shows hundreds of channels based on careful curation from a variety of sources, has recently received a big update. One of the hallmark features is the inclusion of new channels, and we’ll be taking a look at all of them in this article. One of Pluto TV’s big features is […]

Starting today, certain CBS All Access customers will be able to stream NFL games that appear on CBS’s broadcast channel. The first games will be able to appear today, with the deal continuing to include other games. This won’t work in markets where the CBS station is connected to All Access. Plus, it won’t work […]

YouTube has slowly been adding features to its live video streaming. Live video has become a big deal, with platforms also built by Twitter and Facebook. Instagram, a subsidiary of Facebook, is also adding a live video feature. YouTube now is supporting 4K video live streaming, something that will be useful for gamers who stream […]

The latest version of Netflix, now rolling out to Android phones and tablets, adds offline viewing support. Like other apps, this allows the video to be cached locally, securely, to the user’s device so it can be played back later without an Internet connection. It’s a useful feature when taking a long plane trip, or […]

The Vimeo team recently visited the Android TV subreddit to share some news about the Vimeo app as well as give users access to start using the beta. What’s in the beta? The newest feature is an Android TV interface that lets users view the latest videos on their TV. In a recent article regarding […]