YouTube Kids is a version of YouTube designed for kids, which is apparent from the name. It lets them quickly find content from their favorite characters, and all the content is purposed to be safe and inexplicit. It has been available for a while on phones and tablets, but that wasn’t ideal. Even though you […]

HBO Go, HBO’s app for those who have a cable subscription, recently received some big features to its mobile and TV apps which should improve the user experience quite a bit. WHAT’S NEW • Pick up watching a series where you left off • Continuously watch your favorite series with the new automated binge mode […]

The all-in-one media player app Kodi has support for a lot of different types of media sources, although Netflix has been one that has required numerous workarounds. The reason is due to DRM. Kodi has has some support for Widevine DRM for a while, but not enough to entirely support the service. That’s changing due […]

CNNgo is a way that cable subscribers can continue to watch CNN shows and news on their phones, tablets, and other devices. However, an exclusive report from Variety hints at an upcoming change to the service that should attract more users. The CNNgo app will start showing original shows that will be free for anyone […]

For a while rumors have been swarming that YouTube executives were making deals with networks for a sort of over-the-top cable service called Unplugged. This service, which would be $35, would blend together traditional media with original YouTube videos (and YouTube Red content) for a novel experience. Today, YouTube unveiled YouTube TV at an event […]

VLC is among the most popular cross-platform media players due to its robust playback engine that can handle pretty much anything. Its Android app just received some notable updates to the beta. Picture-in-picture is the most user-facing change on Android TV. Users will be able to now continue watching their content while they navigate the […]

Twitch is launching a new part of their streaming service as a beta: Twitch Communities. Its purpose is to offer a different way of discovering content based around the type of content instead of the game itself. Perhaps I’m interested in speedrunning, but care less about which game. I can check out the Speedrunning Community. […]